Someone sent me a GoFundMe request to help them pay their bills. I deleted it. Here's why.

In case you are not familiar with the site GoFundMe, this video will explain:

I personally, would never ask anyone to help me pay for my own life choices. That said, I'm offended when others ask me to help them pay for things that they are perfectly capable of handling themselves. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I feel about it.

In my opinion, this site rocks when trying to help a charity, but don't ask me for a free hand out when you can do it yourself.

The way I see it: This is America, get off your butt and go get what you want. No excuses.

Oh wait, it's hard...I already have three jobs...I never sleep, I work so much...

I've been there. I am there. When I'm not working here at 98.3 The Snake, my husband and I take care of my little one, then I stay up late/get up early to make extra money on a voice over business I have.

You don't see me asking for extra funds to help pay my rent, do you?

I'm Matt, and in 2012 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in audio engineering. Since graduating I have been working every part-time job in and out of my field that I can get. To get a steady job in audio I need to join the union, but I cannot join the union until I have my own equipment. Unfortunately the equipment is very costly, and with around 90,000 dollars in student loans, it is near impossible for me to save the money I need. If I could buy the equipment that I need instead of renting it, not only would I be able to join the union, but I would be able to build my business as a production audio engineer and pay off my student loans. I am getting married in 2015 and want to be able to support my family by using my degree. I appreciate any donations because every little bit brings me closer to my goal of financial stability.

Yeah you read that right...He has $90,000 in student loans, but he's not a doctor!

I spoke my piece, what do you think? Will you help this guy raise money? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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