I think I speak for everyone when I say locking your keys in your car is one of the most frustrating things we can do for ourselves. Staring in the window, seeing your keys in sight, just makes you feel like a moron.

At least I've never done it with the engine running...knock on wood. The current automobile I drive was gifted to me with only one key. I don't even have a key chain, because that little, loopy plastic thing broke off years ago, and not glue or tape has been strong enough to hold. Since my key has a special chip in it, a replacement would cost me in the ballpark of $200. So, I take the gamble every time I drive.

Greg Jannetta

See...I told you. Well, on my lunch break on Thursday, I locked my only key in my Magnum. Thankfully it was in my drive way. So, I went to YouTube to see if there were any cleaver ways to unlock a car. I figured, since I've learned how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe on YouTube, maybe there's a video to help me get in my car.

Long story short. My wife and I tried this method, and we were in in less that 10 minutes. It was unbelievable! Sorry to the locksmith or tow truck driver that I ended up not having to call, but you ain't getting my $60 this week.

Here's to small victories!


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