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Liberal news media says there’s no shortage of diesel fuel in America.  I saw this story from CBS News.  I suppose reporters believe the story is being exaggerated to assist Republicans on Election Day, however.  People in the diesel and transportation business would dispute CBS.

I was talking with a friend this week.  She and her husband are in the fuel distribution business.  They’ve been taking calls for months from farmers, ranchers, and trucking companies desperately in search of fuel.  That’s evidence it’s already wreaking havoc in Idaho and the northwest.

Many of the stories I’ve read suggest the worst of the shortage will be concentrated in the east and southeast.  Oil, gasoline, and diesel are global products.  If there’s a need in Alabama, it’s going to impact Idaho.

How many trucks originating in Arkansas bring goods here and to Utah, Nevada, and Oregon?  A lot!

Diesel powers trucks, buses, trains, and farm equipment.  Like I said last week, no diesel, and the shelves of stores quickly empty.  We don’t have fleets of electric 18-wheelers.  Electric trains are for kids.  Electric buses are a limited public relations stunt in some cities.  We may never have the electricity to power all these machines and we surely won’t have it in a few weeks.

I received a lot of vitriolic messages after writing about the empty grocery stores.  From the angry greenies, I mentioned they bear the responsibility.  This is a crisis manufactured by the tree huggers.  We need to permanently banish them to the forests and banish their allies from the government.

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