There's a new study that claims Idaho is one of the best states to grow old in. I don't want to be a glass-half-full sort of person, but I have my doubts about the conclusions this ranking comes to.

This list comes from If you take it at face value, it's a very positive thing for Idaho. Of all the states, we come in at #8 on the best places to get older.

My problem with this study is they only appear to use 2 metrics and they're more than a little bit vague. There's a cost-of-living category and quality of life metric, then an overall ranking. Here's the description from on how they broke these numbers down:

a comprehensive study incorporating senior living community reviews, nursing home costs, elderly well-being assessments and more

It sounds like there's more to this than just two categories. I especially question the cost of living rank for Idaho considering how expensive (and sometimes hard-to-find) housing can be.

Check out the full report and see what you make of it. It does say we're way better than West Virginia. I could have told you that without this study.

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