Samantha Gillihan from the Idaho Better Business Bureau has seen many scams in our area. But, right now, these are the top 5 scams that we need to watch out for to make sure we don't become victims.

According to Samantha, the Idaho BBB uses a risk index to determine what scams people in our area are really losing money to. Here are the 5 to watch out for:

  • Home improvement scams

  • Fake Checks and Money Orders

  • Employment Scams

  • Online Purchase Scams

  • Advance Fee Loan Scams

Here are some other facts that Samantha shared about scams affecting our areas:

  • Men are more likely to fall for a scam than women.

  • The 18 - 24 age group is the most often victimized

  • Seniors tend to lose a larger amount of money, but millennials lose money more often

For more information, check out the Idaho Better Business Bureau website.

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