When you learn to drive a car there are a lot of requirements before you can get a driving license. You must pass a written test to prove that you know the rules of the road and you also have to pass a driving test to show that you can put that knowledge into practice. But, even with all the teaching and testing, there are still some Idaho road rules that you may find surprising.

Police Explain Proper Use Of The Center Merge Lane On Idaho Roads

One of those Idaho laws I just learned about, and I’ve been driving for 25 years. The rule has to do with a center merge lane on Idaho streets. According to Idaho law, you can’t drive down the center lane in an attempt to turn or merge for more than 100 feet.

Many of us have seen someone, or possibly we have been the one, using the center turn lane as a passing lane. In Boise, the police were recently asked to clarify the rules for using a center turn lane. KTVB also did an entertaining news segment on the rules of the road.

Check Out This Crazy Merge Lane Law if You Drive Idaho Roads

The answer given on Twitter on how to properly use the center merge lane is interestingly to not use it as a merge lane at all. According to the Boise PD post: The center turning lane is technically a left turn only lane. But, in the KTVB video with the police, the officer states that you can use the center lane as a merge lane when entering from a side street or parking lot.

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So, the full answer is that you can use the center lane to turn left onto a side street or parking lot or to use it as a merge lane after you enter from a parking lot or side street. You cannot use it as a passing lane or drive in it for more than 100 feet.

If You Drive in Idaho You Need to Know This Confusing Merge Lane Law

I, along with seemingly everyone else in Twin Falls, am guilty of using the center lane as a merge lane when coming out of a parking lot or a side street on Blue Lakes. It's good to have that cleared up so we know that we aren't breaking the law unless we drive more than 100 feet in that lane.

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