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Used with permission of Paul Thompson.
Used with permission of Paul Thompson.

Liberal media calls it Christian Nationalism.  They don’t mean it as a term of endearment.  The claim is that Christians getting involved in politics will look to impose a theocracy and force sinners and infidels to live by the rules of faith.  Fundamentalist Christian faith.  Never mind that most people currently serving in our legislatures consider themselves Christians.  Never mind that most of our laws have a Judeo-Christian foundation.  Never mind that our founding fathers were the children of the enlightenment, which was birthed by the Protestant Reformation.

The left and its media allies don’t want people of faith participating in government and are offended when Christians speak against public displays of sin and debauchery.  In Michigan, the so-called Christian Nationalists have sometimes worked with Muslims with shared goals.  Bet the lefties didn’t see that one coming!

The Idaho Policy Family Center is working to recruit Christians as political activists.  There was a training session this last Saturday at Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls.  There are now an additional 100 potential lobbyists for the cause.

What never astounds me about Idaho news media is the effort to portray decent people as a threat, while at the same time promoting Satanists.  News media tells us satanic element doesn’t actually worship the devil, instead, they worship reasonReason is a trait of the same enlightenment birthed by the Protestant Reformation.  Not that any morally bankrupt journalists would know history.  They see a crucifix and they recoil.  They see Baphomet and they find a kindred spirit.

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