The flu was the 10th leading cause of death in America last week.  Sunday morning I went to church & the ushers all wanted to shake hands.

The woman patted me on the shoulder & said hello. She was congested & coughing.

They shake many palms & don't have an opportunity to wash up.

A couple came & sat behind me.  The woman patted me on the shoulder & said hello.  She was congested & coughing.  Then a couple with four kids straight out of Family Circus sat in front of me.  The kids were all using tissues.
Then the choir director asked we all greet each other.  More handshakes.  Later more shaking for the sign of peace.  On my way to communion an usher shook my right hand.  He had already touched 100 people before me.  Father Mike is still soldiering on two weeks into congestion.  He was outside after Mass shaking hands.
Some say God protects us in church.  What, like He protects people who handle rattlesnakes?  Would He protect me if I ran into traffic on Interstate 84?  Father Mike says Lent is about coming to Christ & not reclining waiting for Him to come our way.
I think we too often personify God in heaven but He must scratch His head when we continually tempt Him.
Flu can kill.  It can also derail my job for two weeks.  Snakes can kill.  Trucks can kill.  I can see a Monty Python version of the Lord.  "Hey, idiot, put that snake down," would be about right.

By the way, the Roman Church in Idaho is condemning the alleged actions of a retired priest who is charged with viewing child pornography.  Our pastor read the statement aloud at all weekend masses.  I’m pleased there is quick action and a denunciation, however.  At the moment the flu is a far greater threat to most of us than an old man in a wheelchair awaiting earthly and then eternal judgement.

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