Removing dams on the lower Snake River could devastate multiple industries.  One is possibly the transport of wheat to a hungry world.  You may recall U.S. Representative Mike Simpson of Idaho was behind the scheme.  Right now, I would vote for Homer Simpson as an alternative.

Simpson is a Self-Absorbed Megalomaniac

Simpson is more concerned about awards from the far-left and environmentalists versus his constituents, most of whom oppose removal.  The word representative doesn’t mean self-aggrandizement.  The idea is that you represent the majority of your district because we can’t all go to Washington and legislate for ourselves.  I haven’t talked with even one Republican who supports the idea.

He calls his opponent a debt collector and a lawyer.  Simpson is a job destroyer hell-bent on raising your cost of living during an inflationary age.

Wheat Shipments Would Come to a Halt

Click here.  You'll find a view of U.S. Wheat Associates.  You’ll be stunned to see how much of the product leaves Lewiston, Idaho, and then flows down the Snake and Columbia Rivers before being shipped to hungry markets around the world.  The writer also explains barges are an environmentally friendly and safe method for moving goods.

No dams, no Port of Lewiston!

Simpson must be delusional in thinking he can sell this to voters.

The wheat industry is already in distress with the war raging in Ukraine and some economists are predicting famines in the developing world and possibly beyond.

Simpson is about to walk away from Congress with a fat retirement package.  You may be begging for a slice of bread.

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