You can't make this stuff up. Idaho chemtrail conspiracy theorists have taken up fence painting and I can prove it. Prepare to laugh hard (unless this is your fence).

By the way, Wikipedia can catch you up on what chemtrails are if you're curious. That conspiracy theory led to this being shared on Reddit's "Welcome to Idaho" page.

OveraHype via Reddit
OveraHype via Reddit

Well, what can I add to that? If you're new to the wonderful world of conspiracy theories, this message is probably in reference to something that Alex Jones said regarding gay frogs.

This reminds me of a hilarious question that someone asked on Yahoo Answers. As I recall, someone made a very funny comment about fish sticks there in response to this question. Good times.

Instead of worrying about what the government may or may not be spraying on us, I would recommend whoever did this study about how to paint over outdoor graffiti instead of being a big loser.

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