Evening dirt bike rides in the mountains of Idaho can present some obvious risks. Passing a reported shapeshifting creature that Native Americans still believe to this day exists on a trail is an entirely different kind of hazard, and one I hope to never experience in my life.

Most of you have heard of Skinwalkers. In fact, there's a ranch in northern Utah just 170 miles southeast of Twin Falls that scientists and researchers claim has an unusually high frequency of paranormal activity. Skinwalkers are said to possess powers much like those of a witch in Native American lore, and the legend has been skewed and popularized through reality shows, podcasts, and films.

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I recently came across a freaky YouTube channel where the host claims to have encountered one of these mythical creatures recently during a ride in the mountains near Kuna, Idaho, which is less than 20 miles outside of Boise.

We'll never know whether or not this guy's mind was playing tricks on him that evening when he left a bonfire with friends to get in a quick nighttime ride. The story is freaky enough to make anyone think twice about heading off into the woods on wheels or feet after dark.

The rider claimed to have seen strange forms with his peripheral vision while blazing through a mountain that evening. He later heard from others that claims of these types of sightings were common where the group was camping out.

Regardless of what we may believe, the idea of having an experience such as this is enough to make a person's skin crawl. For those that want to investigate Skinwalkers for yourselves, apparently, Kuna is a good place to start in Idaho.

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