A southeast Idaho man is facing first-degree murder charges for brutally stabbing his roommate to death. The defendant claims he did it because the man was trying to form a group of Nazi supporters. 

Douglass Taylor, 32, is facing punishment for a crime he allegedly committed 10-months ago at a rehabilitation residence on Higbee Avenue in Idaho Falls, according to details shared by eastidahonews.com. The incident occurred on March 10, 2020, and involved Taylor and a 51-year-old fellow resident at the home, which provides shelter for people dealing with mental illness.

The victim, who is of German descent, reportedly has his throat cut during the altercation, according to eastidahonews.com. Taylor appeared in the Bonneville County Courthouse on January 14 for a preliminary hearing. Judge Kent Gauchay, after finding sufficient evidence in the matter, requested the case be heard at a higher court.

Idaho is home to several self-proclaimed neo-Nazi, or white supremacy groups, with the majority of them active in the northern portion of the state. The topic of U.S. hate groups has been reported in the media with great frequency in recent weeks as having involvement in a number of political protests, as well as planned assaults to disrupt the peaceful exchange of power between the President Donald Trump and President-Elect Joe Biden.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation has posted the pictures of dozens of persons of interest involved in the Capitol House riots of January 6, some of whom have alleged ties to these groups.

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