I will say one thing. This Idaho family is way braver than I am. I'm pretty sure "braver" is the word I want to use. They encountered a bear near a stream in Idaho and were not concerned at all when the bear stared at them.

Here's the deal. This is not a long video, but appears to show a mom and I think 5 very young kids. Across the stream is a bear. They don't seem alarmed at all even though it appears to me that the bear is looking for a place to cross the stream.

Oh, and the stream is not very deep, so there's that.

The good news for this family is that bears don't normally like groups of people. The bad news is most of the people in this family are small people (kids). You don't want a bear thinking it would be easy to grab one of the little ones while the bigger ones run away.

As always, it's good to know the basics about what to do if/when you encounter a bear in Idaho. Having bear spray handy is always a good idea in our state.

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