Metal detectors can be fun. In Idaho, you never know when you're going to find an old coin, some old jewelry or a bomb.

That is exactly what one Idaho guy found while doing some work for a client. Here's the YouTube description of what went down.

One of Gerry's customers in Idaho uncovers a little surprise while detecting at an old homesite. This site has given up Indian head pennies, Wheat pennies, Silver dimes, including a 1886 seated dime! but on this day, we found something we would have never expected, Bill found a BOMB! Super weird find in this area.

The good news is the bomb he found was a harmless practice bomb. Practice means it won't go "boom". But, it's frightening with the recent story of the young boy who was injured by a bomb near his home that killed his dog, as reported by Fox News.

The other good news is that this metal detecting session did lead them to find a coin from 1886.

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