Looks like we have become the popular kid in the United States as it seems like everyone wants to live here now for some reason. I don't question their choice since Idaho is a great place to live, I only question the timing. What makes Idaho so desirable now, that people are leaving the big city states to live here? Or maybe it isn't that Idaho has changed but that the popular/crowded states are just becoming less-desirable.

A 2020 study of how many people were moving in and out of each state by United Van Lines found that more than 70 percent of the moves in Idaho were people moving in from another state. Less than 30 percent of the moves were people leaving for another state. The trend isn't actually new for Idaho as we were the top or second state on their lists since 2017.

There were various reasons for the inbound traffic, but the main reason was for jobs. 47 percent of those moving in Idaho did so for a job. The second most popular reason was a move for family with 27 percent of the moves citing that as the reason.

With all the new residents in Idaho we'll get plenty of practice and chances to improve on our 21 Resolutions For Twin Falls in 2021; specifically numbers 7 and 19. 'Be accepting of others' and 'be nice to Californians' is going to be the true test of the year.

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