I just admitted here at work that I like soccer and hate baseball. I was quickly judged and then told that I need to watch Field Of Dreams. I should correct that I hate watching baseball but I enjoy playing it, so I can still be considered American. I do know that there are die hard fans of the sport and specifically of certain teams. One of my best friends growing up was an Oriels fan and, despite them not being good, wasn't afraid to admit it.

Hated Baseball Teams via CasinoInsider
Hated Baseball Teams via CasinoInsider

Usually fans will argue about who's team is best but I've seen that they usually unite in their hatred of certain teams. Over at Bro Bible they got the results of more than 10,000 tweets this year that express hatred towards a MLB team. The big winner/loser award goes to the Yankees. They had more hate tweets than any other team and were hated the most in 28 states. The Cubs came in second followed by the Dodgers.

Let us know what team you hate in the comments or if you love everyone let us know your favorite. And to prove that baseball can be awesome, no matter the team, check out these greatest plays from last year.

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