I will admit that I am easily entertained. I guess that's why I'm so happy to come across a video a an Idaho Albino deer.

This footage was captured by an Idaho hunter who has a YouTube channel called "Notagoodhunter". Someone needs a little more self-esteem, I figure. Or, maybe he's just being honest. Or, maybe he's trying to sucker the deer into thinking he's not a good hunter when he really is. Questions for another day.

The important thing is that he filmed an Albino deer and I think that's pretty swell. It actually inspired me to search to learn if Albino deer are really rare. According to several websites, they are. But, it's hard to tell with this video in particular what the guy is seeing.

Deer and Deer Hunting talks about the rarity of Albino deer, but they mention something very important. For the deer to truly be Albino, you need to see the color of its eyes. They define what I'm talking about.

According to deer researchers, a true albino white-tailed deer will have pink or blue eyes and white hooves.

This guy's video is too far away to know for sure, but it sure is a pretty white deer either way.

After seeing this video, there's only one thing I'm sure of: I want the job of "deer researcher". That would be awesome.

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