Recent data released by a national finance website puts Idaho in the bottom eight states for meeting the lifestyle needs of most women.

A recent nationwide report by Wallethub ranks each U.S.state from best to worst in terms of focusing on socioeconomic status, healthcare, rates of homicide, and other components pertaining solely to the working class female demographic.

Unemployment, education level, business ownership and earnings also were evaluated for the March 4 report. Idaho finished at a dismal 44 on the list, with only West Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana trailing.

The "Women's Economic and Social Well-Being Rank" was highest for the state of Minnesota, with Massachusetts, North Dakota, District of Columbia (also included in study) and New York rounding out the top five. Minnesota's point total of 79.34 was more than five points higher than second place Massachusetts.

Louisiana's total of 36.25 made it the nation's lowest point total.

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