Johannes Simon, Getty Images

New data released by a national finance website that ranks the U.S. from most sinful state to least, puts the Gem State in the bottom five.

WalletHub's latest national fact finding release focused on U.S. states that offer the most morally corrupt vices, with addictions ranging from gambling, to prostitution, and plastic surgery. WalletHub used seven main criteria when creating its list of most sinful territories. Those were Anger & Hatred (violent crime for instance), Jealousy (theft), Excess & Vices (gambling), Greed, Lust, Vanity (access to plastic surgery) and Laziness (percent of population that is out of shape).  Each category carried with it a point total, and that's how the list was compiled.


As you can see, Idaho ranked 46th on the list. Apparently fry sauce consumption wasn't unrighteous enough to land the Gem State higher up the list. Nevada, Florida and California (in that order) made up the top three.

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