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Sales keep tanking.  Going in the wrong direction from the perspective of the marketers at Budweiser.  We shared recently that Idaho and the western region had the worst sales drop in the country.  While I don’t have a current local sales figure, NBC News reports the nosedive continues.  If you click on the NBC link here, you’ll notice the picture illustrating the story is from Arco, Idaho.  I suspect that sums up the view across much of rural Idaho, where Bud Light had been the leading brand.

The drop in sales began when Budweiser issued a personal commemorative can for TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who was said to be celebrating one year since a transition from a man to a woman.

I’ve been reading that what we’re seeing is a conservative boycott, but to my knowledge, I haven’t heard of any organized boycott effort.  Individual beer drinkers have decided they can instead pick up a Coors.  You may not like their decision, but you can’t force people to buy a product or agree with you.  As for calling them bigots, please!  Just because they’re not comfortable with some lifestyles doesn’t mean they’re nasty people.

A Karen or two called me a bigot after I posted previously about the sales drop.  That was a fact.  Sales are down.  Saying that sales are down isn’t mean.

Mean would be insulting someone’s religious faith, as some executives in Major League Baseball believe is a good marketing ploy.   Seriously, when it comes to corporate America, how steep is the learning curve?

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