Normal people will probably not find this nearly as funny as I do. But, there's a new movie about Idaho that's been made by a German guy that makes us Idaho people sound way funnier than we are in real life.

YouTube guy Bobby Fletcher shared this. I'm not sure if he's the German filmmaker or not. But, the documentary he uploaded is awesome. Google did some mad translating for me and informed me that this is how he described this movie.

Idaho is in the northwest of the United States and is known for picturesque landscapes , deep canyons and rivers with crystal clear water.

Here's the German version of that: Idaho liegt im Nordwesten der USA und ist bekannt für malerische Landschaften, tiefe Canyons und Flüsse mit glasklarem Wasser. Der Snake River, einer der .

It's probably my inner 12-year-old child that refuses to grow up, but after watching this documentary, I decided to translate my own sentences into German. Here's the best one I've come up with so far.

Ich bin ein armer Junge, der orange Socken trägt.

Now, English.

I am a poor boy who loves wearing orange socks.

Even Blue Lakes becomes entertaining and wonderful when it's described in German. Behold.

Check this out:

Blue Lakes saugt so viel ist es wahrscheinlich ein Kreis der Hölle und wir wissen es noch nicht.

...which in English means...

Blue Lakes sucks so much it probably is a circle of Hell and we just don't know it yet.

I highly recommend watching the movie about Idaho in German and then translating your favorite Idaho phrases into German with Google Translate. It has entertained me more than it should have today.

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