A Texas-based private investigator initially hired by the family of a missing Idaho toddler has had multiple charges against him dropped, and has informed the public he has plans to release never-before-seen interviews pertaining to the investigation.

Idaho District Judge Bruce Pickett has thrown out charges of emotional distress, fraud, libel and slander, against investigator Philip Klein, according to a report by eastidahonews.com. Klein was hired by the Kunz family shortly after the two-year-old boy, DeOrr, went missing in July of 2015.

The judge claimed that the case is a matter of public concern, and that comments made by Klein of an accusatory nature toward certain members of the missing toddler's family, are nothing more than personal expression. The child vanished during a family camping trip near Leadore, Idaho.

The case was highlighted in a documentary by Atticus Investigates, which was shared to its YouTube channel in February of 2018.

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