It's just human to wear less clothes when the weather gets warmer. Take it from someone who has had an Idaho neighbor record me and my family in our backyard that if you think you can do anything you want in your own home, you are sorely mistaken.

The warm, spring weather has arrived in southern Idaho. This means many of us will be dressing down in shorts, T-shirts, and even less when doing chores or enjoying some free time in our yards. There's a large segment of society that regularly spends time completely naked behind the windows of their homes, and depending on who might be looking through those windows, Idahoans in their birthday suites on warm days could get a knock on the door from city police because of it.

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I know what it's like to have a terrible, nosey, south Idaho neighbor with too much time on their hands. We got police involved when she started recording us in our backyard and began lying about us making too much noise to hide the fact she was lonely and needed something to keep her relevant. My wife did from time to time sunbath topless on our property when our kid was in school, so we appreciated our privacy, and ultimately had to build a new fence to prevent our neighbor from having eyes on us.

(WARNING: Although this video clip contains no nudity, some may find it offensive) 

Just know that in southern Idaho, it is legal for your neighbors to record you on your own property if they believe you are causing a noise disturbance or doing something they view to be inappropriate. Simply walking past a window naked could be enough fuel for a neighbor to alert police. I learned this fact the hard way.

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