BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) -- Saturday marked the third year of Boise pastor Saeed Abedini's imprisonment in Iran.

Hundreds turned out for a prayer vigil in front of the Statehouse in support of Saeed and his family, including his wife and two children. Saeed's wife, Naghmeh, has maintained that just over three years ago her husband went to work on an orphanage in Iran, when he was put under house arrest for being involved in house churches years earlier. Iran has said the churches compromised national security and therefore Saeed was sentenced to prison for 8 years, according to Naghmeh.

Naghmeh also commented about her meeting with the President earlier this year, saying she had great hope Saeed would be released after their conversation. Still, nothing has changed. On Saturday, more than 900 cities across the world held similar prayer vigils for Saeed Abedini.