The world can be a scary place. That's one reason why many people are coming to Idaho to try and escape the world's dangers. One Idaho real estate company is catering to this crowd, specializing in off-the-grid properties.

I admit that I found Survival Realty by accident. I frequently do searches for log cabins and this company came up in my results. If you look at the 'About' section of their website, you'll notice they mention over 30,000 people visit them every month. That's a lot of people looking to get off the grid.

What defines a 'survival property'? According to Survival Realty, this is what it takes.

  • Five acres or more
  • Not adjacent to a major highway.
  • Not adjacent to a major population center.
  • Independent water source, from a well, spring, or water on the property, or good potential for a well.
  • Independent septic system, or good potential for septic system.
  • Independent heating available (in cold climates), such as wood heat or a gas furnace with propane tank on property.

Most of what appears to be available is in Northern Idaho with a few properties showing up in the central part of the state.

It's an interesting approach to real estate. Considering what's been happening in the news over the past few years, can't say that I blame anyone for coming to Idaho to get away from it all.

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