Here's a case of what the government considers to be right, but might actually be wrong. Many ideas and rules or laws look good in theory or on paper and it isn't until you apply them in the real world that you see whether or not they work or are effective. That's the idea with a recent tutorial video from the Idaho Transportation Department where they teach us about the zipper merge.

I believe that most of us know about the zipper merge or have heard something about it. But much like a unicorn or the elusive Sasquatch it is rarely seen and more likely the theme of fables. It looks amazing in the video posted on Facebook, and in a world where everyone is spaced out evenly and driving the same speed limit when approaching an ending lane, it could work.

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But in real life, this NEVER happens. People ride the tail of the car in front of them or if they have given enough space between them and the lead car, they immediately hit the brakes to slow down if someone merges in front of them. More likely the cars will speed up to not allow you in because we all know you saw that sign miles ago like we did and you chose to wait to merge. That's your fault and we are spiteful creatures.

It is also recommended that you use your blinker when making a lane change. I know, crazy ideas, right?

Have you ever seen the zipper merge work properly? Have you also seen alien UFOs and Bigfoot? Because that seems about as likely to me.

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