A national website on health is claiming that by making sure humans sleep a certain way, our levels of anxiety can be greatly reduced.

My wife suffers from anxiety on a weekly basis. She describes it as "a weird, uneasy feeling" in her chest. It's usually triggered by unwanted news. For instance, she was hit with a wave of anxiety just earlier today when we learned from our lender the price range of homes we currently qualify to buy. Who needs a roof anyway...right.

Anxiety really is not a laughing matter for many people. It's estimated that somewhere in the ballpark of 40 million adults are affected by the disorder. The fine folks at Health.com recently shared some data on the correlation between changing a certain nightly sleeping routine, and lowering anxiety levels.

According to the latest information they provided concerning anxiety, sleeping naked might help those plagued by the disorder. It has something to do with lowering the body temperature and getting a deeper, longer lasting amount of sleep. So, in the name of health, I'll be hitting my wife with this piece of information first thing when I get home tonight. Because you know...I wan't to help her overcome this.

I'm someone who doesn't really get anxiety, or if I do, it's so mild I don't really notice. And if I did, sleeping naked is not something you can really do with a teenage kid in the house. God forbid I kick the sheets off myself in the middle of the night, and my 17-year-old daughter walks into our room to ask me where the Ibuprofen is. It happens all the time.

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