Two local communities are among the safest places in the state.  Rupert and Jerome make the top ten.  This comes from a website known as  A couple of college towns also made the list, even one now known for a terrible quadruple homicide.

Both violent and property crimes are well below the national average.

People in Idaho are more concerned about package theft than any other form of crime!  Gun violence is of the least concern.  The lowest rate in the nation.  Nearly half of Idahoans claim they’re armed.  Of those, concealed carry firearms finish first, ahead of knives used for self-defense.  Gun violence is the lowest in the nation.

Our violent crime rate is 9th lowest in the nation and second lowest in the mountain region.  Rape is a problem.  Sex crimes are much higher here than the national average.  The state is the fifth lowest in the country when it comes to robberies.

Idahoans don’t go in for fancy technology to protect their homes.  They prefer guard dogs.

A few takeaways.  Liberals wouldn’t admit it, but an armed society is a safe society.  A state trooper once told me that in Idaho you just assume everyone is carrying a gun.  In a grocery store parking lot, such an assumption could be deterrence.

I chuckled when I read most people see package theft as their most serious crime problem.  Package thefts are greatly on the rise.  Safe communities are either wealthy communities or have a large population of Latter-Day Saints.  They’re mostly known for being polite and conscientious neighbors.

Lastly, we like dogs.  They can be guardians, and friends and like to play.

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