I've seen my share of gorgeous landscape during my years of travel throughout Idaho, but the state's panhandle has still eluded me. There is one lake that lies in northern Idaho that is somewhat of an outcast, and its name is all the proof you need.

The Lower and Upper Stevens Lakes in Idaho can be found near the Idaho / Montana border, within close proximity to the town of Mulan. This beautiful portion of the state is about 100 miles southeast of Sandpoint, and also features what some might call the perfect spot to social-distance during this pandemic.

Stevens Peak, which is less than three miles outside of Mulan, is one of the most photographed mountains in northern Idaho. Its elevation is 6,838 feet, and boasts an incredible view of the lakes just beneath, as well as offers a look into the state of Montana to the east. If you are positioned just right on the peak, you can manage to squeeze in a third lake to the west, and one whose name literally means "solitary."

Lone Lake is located just 4.5 miles outside of Mulan, which has quickly become a destination I'm going to have to add to my list of places to see when I head to Glacier National Park later this year. The lake is just one of several that dot the Bitterroot Mountains, which extend into western Montana.

With all that this region has to offer, I'm hoping to be spending some time this summer hiking and kayaking throughout this gorgeous range.

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