When you think of Thanksgiving, turkey is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Right? Not if you live in Idaho.

Thrillist just shared a blog that was actually done by General Mills. They own many of the most popular food brands including Betty Crocker and Pillsbury. On those sites, they gathered the most searched for recipes from people in Idaho. Based on that, what's our favorite Thanksgiving food?

Biscuits. Really. How did potatoes not make our list? Do we just consider that automatic?

That's actually more normal than Nevada who searched for peanut butter cookies more than any other. Nice.

Then, there's that weird friend of yours in Texas that can't get enough of chicken spaghetti. Google it. It is a real thing in those parts.

It's an entertaining read. Check out the full article at Thrillist to see what our neighboring states are craving.

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