I will warn you right now. This is a weird one, but I hope you'll follow me. I have a theory that if real life were the 1981 Bill Murray movie "Stripes", Idaho would be the character Francis. Here's my theory. See if you agree.

If you're new (or too young to remember) the movie "Stripes", it's about Bill Murray and his friend, Harold Ramis, who decide to enlist in the Army when they lose their jobs. It's definitely worth a watch if you've never seen it.

Now, to my theory. In the movie, they are introduced to their fellow soldiers early on during a barracks scene. One unique individual is Francis. See the video above and you'll notice that Francis doesn't like it when you touch his stuff. Sound like Idaho much?

Here's an example. I shared some info about what may be one of the prime camping spots in Idaho. Here were a couple of the many responses:

In other words, don't touch my stuff! Then, we asked people if they knew about "The Drops" near Shoshone. Francis appeared once again...

You get the idea. Idaho does not like it when you touch their stuff. If you do, then...

My advice is the same as Sergeant Hulka.