Well, this was closer than it needed to be. A guy just shared a video of him knocking some dead trees down. What he unintentionally proved was that it's a good idea to move your truck first.

I'm not sure if he's the tree guy or just the guy that shot the video, but Scott Amos shared this to YouTube recently. He shared this description of the tree knocking down plan.

The bark beetle epidemic destroyed dozens of trees around the property. The owner soaked the roots with a hose overnight, then we used a truck, pulley and skidsteer to uproot them.

Interesting. I've never tried the "soak the roots" technique when removing trees. Learn something new every day. What Scott learned is that it's a good idea to move any vehicles in the tree falling down area BEFORE you knock the trees down.

I wondered out loud when the video started why that truck was sitting where it was. At around the 1:31 mark, the guy in the truck hits the accelerator just in the nick of time before tree went boom on him.

For future reference, This Old House had a very helpful "how-to" video on how to remove a dead tree and it doesn't resemble anything in this dude's video. It involves a very specific order of removing tree branches and eventually chainsawing the trunk after the big part of the tree has been carefully lowered.

But, this is Idaho where we prefer brute force to fancy thinking.

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