It's bad enough when you see one of these in Twin Falls by themselves. But, if you see them in packs, run for your life.

Shopping carts that have broken free from their cart corral and gone rogue can be dangerous animals. If you see them in packs, that means they've become self-aware and are preparing to take over.

Yes, I'm over-exaggerating just a little bit. But, shopping cart damage to vehicles is a real problem. The thought bounced in and out of my mind the other day of who's responsible when a cart hits your vehicle. If a person lets loose of a cart, then takes off, you're not likely to track them down. Can you blame the store? What will your insurance do?

I found a US Insurance website that had some good info. They mention that the key is collision insurance. It's not a typical coverage that comes default with your insurance. Normally, you have to specifically add it to your coverage.

A few years ago, Wallet Hub broke down exactly what collision insurance covers. It's a good read if you want to be prepared the next time a cart (or pack of carts) go rogue and take aim at you.

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