Many of us growing up say that we'd love to be a movie star. Most of us never follow through with it. Instead, we choose to voluntarily work at gas stations or even worse, talk on the radio for a living. But, if you're serious, this is one of your options to really try and be a movie star and you don't have to travel that far to do it.

The company is called Pacific Northwest Casting. They cast for actual, real Hollywood movies. They just completed production on a movie called "The Last Champion". These guys are the real deal. They've even done casting for a movie by Tom Hanks.

From what I can gather, it appears that Pacific Northwest Casting specializes in assisting movie productions that will be shot in our part of the country.

If you think "why yes, I look a little like Johnny Depp", you can register with them at their website for possible contact next time they have roles available. If you have your own website and/or portfolio, that might help, too.

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