If you went to Twin Falls High School back in the 1980's, I found something you will want to see. Even if it's something you already have, you'll want to share this just to remind your classmates how bad their hair really looked back then.

I found two Twin Falls High School yearbooks on Etsy. One is from 1988 and the other is from 1989.

I graduated back in 1984, so I cast no stones. But, you'll find plenty of mullets on the guys and the girls made sure Aqua Net did a booming business. If you look close enough, there are a couple guys who look like they could have been members of the 80's band Flock of Seagulls. If you're too young to remember them, please watch this.

According to one of the yearbooks, there was a bitchin' Mardi Gras party complete with a bright green guitar solo. The one guy wearing a toilet seat around his head has some explaining to do.

On page 14 and 15 of one of the yearbooks, there is a somewhat politically-incorrect float and 2 very bodacious dudes playing with fire. Good times, good times.

Check out the full Etsy listing page to bring all those 80's memories rushing back, Bruins.

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