Twin Falls motorists might get ticked by making this simple mistake when pulling into Cafe Rio.

If you're driving north on Blue Lakes and want to enter the parking lot at Cafe Rio, you probably know there are two entrances.  There's the 'first' entrance which faces the south parking lot; and a second entrance to the north of the building between Cafe Rio and The Maverik.

It's okay to pull into the south parking lot from Blue Lakes while driving north but it is not legal to use the north entrance. The south entrance is protected by a turning lane in the center, but the north entrance is blocked by a double, double yellow line.  This is to make way for the left turning lane at the intersection of Blue Lakes and Falls. If you stop here to turn left, you are blocking traffic behind you that wants to turn left onto Falls. (Thus the solid, double yellow lines indicating that you can't cross legally.)

If an officer catches you trying to turn left from Blue Lakes into this second entrance, expect to get pulled over with at least a warning.

Note: Is is perfectly legal to use the north entrance as long as you are traveling south on Blue Lakes.

This isn't the only intersection in Twin Falls that presents this challenge. Similar situations exist at the McDonald's on Blue Lakes and Heyburn and at the Mc-Chevron on Addison and Washington.

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