Whew, that’s a load off of my mind. For the believers, as many as 20 million in this country, “the Rapture”, when Jesus Christ will call true Christians up to heaven, is inevitable. The date of May 21st is the specific date for the event, believed by a group in Washington, DC, who has put the ads to that effect on the backs of buses in that city. But the question for many is who will care for our pets?

Well, worry no more! Thanks Atheist Bart Centre and his organization called “Eternal Earthbound Pets USA”, if and when the Rapture comes, one of his 44 agents located in 26 states will drive to your home within 24 hours, and get your small animals and adopt them. Keep in mind this service will only set you back $125, plus $20 per additional animal, payable in advance naturally, and good for 10 years.

The 62 yr old Centre says he has carefully screened all the rescuers, who are all also atheists.  Most devout Christians don’t believe animals have souls, and therefore would be left wondering where there next meal was coming from, and when they would be able to go outdoors to relieve themselves. He also said he already has over 250 clients signed up.

Centre spends some of his time writing anti-religious books under the pen name Dromedary Hump.

By Chris Kai

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