As far as phobias are concerned, the subject of dying ranks way up there on the list of things humans fear the most. What might be surprising to some is there's a reality most people fear even more than death, and it's seemingly as simple as opening your mouth.

Death is something I believe most people think about at least once a day. The fact most world news outlets still push the old reporting ideology of, "if it bleeds, it leads," doesn't help human beings shift focus from the unknown reality as we see images of mortality nightly on the tube. I am also guilty of being a tad infatuated with the subject; it's sort of a job requirement.

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I hear people say things like, "why fear something we can't prevent," from time to time, and I can't help but grin on the inside at the level of bunkum. I believe most humans have the same morbid curiosity I do, and for some it's all-consuming. I normally don't get through a day without watching at least one episode of Forensic Files or The First 48.

The National Institute of Mental Health has identified one action that people are more terrified of than their own demise. Dreading public speaking ("Glossophobia") trumps the fear of dying ("Thanatophobia") for most human beings, according to the NIMH data.

A college speech course helped me get over my fear of speaking to large groups of fellow humans. I actually enjoy the challenge these days.

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