I’m never orthodox when it comes to “carving” pumpkins. My BSU BOO Button polka dot pumpkin is one of those examples.

This is a festive Boise pumpkin, that may be perfect with some of that fall BSU decor you have out. This is a pumpkin that you use buttons, and ribbon but yes you are still able to get the pumpkin seeds.

Start by carving the top off the pumpkin and clean it out and get those delicious pumpkin seeds. Then all you need is a way to stick the buttons to the pumpkin, glue in the form of regular or hot glue has worked best for me. Then just spell out BOO with the buttons using the hot glue gun and then you can either use smaller buttons for the polkadots or you can actually cut holes in it which help when the light is inside if you want it to light up, otherwise this isn't one that will light up.

The last part is tying some fun, fancy or festive ribbon top to top it off.


Now I have examples with the polka dots with buttons and then as poked holes above.

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