Business opportunities are all around us everyday, I usually don't see them but other people are more motivated (or perceptive) and see money-making potential in almost every situation. The Magic Valley is full of artists and craft-makers who have realized that their product is worth money and are selling their goods online. We'll include a gallery of some of their work at the end of this story. But creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit aren't exclusive to Idahoans. Someone is California saw some fall colored leaves and realized they could make some money off the seasonal foliage.

The VICE website has the full story, detailing the history behind the decision to sell the leaves. The store, Bi-Rite, labels the branches adorned with colorful leaves as organic and farm direct. I honestly can't disagree that fall leaves are beautiful, but I also don't see how you can charge $15 for a few branches and sleep well at night. Maybe we take for granted that we have so many trees around us that we can see everyday.

What do you think of the selling of fall leaves, is it brilliant or is it ridiculous?

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