For those of us who remained home in the Magic Valley this past weekend leading into Memorial Day, the continued rainfall prevented the majority of us from doing anything other than staring out a window and watching things get wet. Freshly planted flowers are about the only things that benefited from the past four days of weather in Twin Falls.

Work commitments prevented me from taking full advantage of the extra time off for Memorial Day this year, not that I would have left town anyway with the weather forecast being what it was. Saturday, as I stood outside a Jerome business in the final 30 minutes of a customer appreciation event, I think I finally reached the point at which the absence of sunshine has turned me into a total curmudgeon.

According to data at, the average total rainfall amount for Twin Falls in May is about an inch, give or take. I'm quite certain we crushed that amount this week alone. With company in town, we decided we were going to kayak the Snake River on Sunday despite what the weather had in store for us. Luckily, the only unfavorable conditions we dealt with was some thunder and lightning, which actually made the experience far more enjoyable.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is alive and well in our household. There is a light at the end of the moisture tunnel this week however. Conditions appear to be improving by Saturday, and come Monday (June 3) temperatures are predicted to hit 80 for the first time in Twin Falls in 2019.

I only hope Mother Nature stays the course, because I'm ready to absorb some sunshine. A workplace poll I took today resulted in 75 percent of those around me saying the lack of sunshine this month has starting to take a mental toll.

Do you find your mood lately to be affected by the continued rain?


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