There are probably hundreds of movies and TV shows dedicated to the paranormal and house hauntings. There are also a ton of shows about hoarders and their extremely dirty houses. Science says there may be a connection between the two! It also kind of infers that the Ghostbusters would be more like a group of house cleaners rather than dealing with the occult.

A new study found that people with lots of dirt, dust, and mold in their house are more likely to have ghost sightings.  Mold is the biggest problem, since it can trigger psychosis in your brain and lead to things like depression and anxiety. Plus if your house is dirty and there are cobwebs that look like ghosts moving in the dark or mice running through your halls at night making sounds - you have a right to be creeped out. But not because of a poltergeist.

Science is saying that your house isn't haunted - it's just really dirty. So clean it.

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