BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) The Idaho State Police is using high tech to give potential new recruits a 360 degree view of what the job is like. Last month, ISP posted a couple videos to their YouTube channel highlighting the all around view of troopers training and on the job. It also features current troopers describing their experience as Idaho law enforcement officers. ISP and a the company 360 Immersive teamed up to produce an iOS and Adnroid app.

"This application has the potential to allow highly qualified recruits to view, in a new way, the opportunities the Idaho State Police have to offer", said ISP Major Sheldon Kelley in a prepared statement.  "We're excited to share this new technology with the citizens of Idaho and the nation as a whole, especially those men and women who might consider a career of service to the citizens of this great state while wearing the uniform of an ISP Trooper."

In a statement, ISP says it is committed to attracting new talent in a competitive field for new recruits. They hope these videos and apps create better access to possible new troopers.

To see just a taste of what it is like to be an Idaho State Trooper, check out the videos:

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