Well, that was quick. It's been spring for like 10 seconds and Idahoans have already done what some Idahoans do. Yes, potato guns are already appearing around our state.

If you're new to Idaho, the Instructables did a pretty comprehensive guide on how to make a potato gun. First, here's a disclaimer: If you mess around with a potato gun, you do it at your own risk. Anything that fires projectiles (even spuds!) can harm and/or kill you.

It's not just one guy. I have spotted multiple potato guns/cannons already coming out of the garage. This guy refers to his as "the devastator".

Another dude used advanced science to do a pneumatic cannon. I have no idea what "pneumatic" is, but it nearly fired this potato to the moon.

Ladies are not being left out of the early spring potato gun fun either.

Potato guns and cannons are a part of Idaho. But, even by our spud standards, I was shocked the guns have come out of the garage so quickly. But, then again, we're Idaho.

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