Admittedly, we here at the radio station seem to be VERY pet-friendly. If you average it out, we're sitting at about three per person. I only have a dog and a fish. I'm in the minority here. So, I'm thinking we should show 'em off. Let's give the pets some love today! This is not mine but is totally a freak show. Hairless Guinea Pig. You can get one at the pet store. I've named this one Zombie.

Townsquare Media

On to the parade! Lynda's family is protected by a fierce feline!

Lynda Jones

Penne has a constant companion in Abbey...

Penne Main

One of Courtney's four...

Courtney Salmon

Never alone, Christy has a couple of her own.

Christy Lapp

Julie has what I can only guess is a dog....? A bat? A bug? It's Bug Bat Dog!

Julie Pizarro

Can't leave out the ultimate defender of Cindy's abode

Cindy Jensen

Our fearless leader is the one who throws off the curve. Something in the area of four dogs and nine cats, I think.

Janice Degner

Even when they aren't officially yours, dog sitters love pets, too! Thanks Miss Ellyn!

Ellyn Felton

Benito's new baby doesn't mind the snow. Finally someone with whom I can relate!

Benito Baeza

Brad has his on an exercise program! Maybe he could help Lynda's kitty.

Brad Weiser

Just give them all a bit of extra love today.