Idaho happens to be one of the largest suppliers in the western United States of the key ingredient in one of the country's most popular spirits. A distillery 170 miles northeast of Twin Falls has built a reputation as producing one of America's top liquors.

I don't drink liquor very often, but when I do, vodka is what I usually reach for. We have a pretty extensive liquor cabinet in our home, but it's mainly stocked for company. In an average week, I might have two cocktails. There's data available online that indicates that Idaho residents are among the top 10 largest liquor drinkers in the U.S.

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Idaho knows potatoes. In Twin Falls, Vodka is represented well by a distillery that uses only locally-grown spuds. I know people that really love the Craft Vodka made in Twin Falls, which by the way, has been expanding throughout southern Idaho in recent months. I just read about the local product on Reddit.

Just a couple hours' drive northeast from the Magic Valley is the city of Rigby, which makes Blue Ice Vodka. recently ranked this Idaho-produced spirit as rivaling other vodkas not just produced in America, but in Europe as well. Blue Ice can be purchased at a number of locations in the western states.

I've tried Blue Ice, and would put it right up there with other popular vodkas such as Grey Goose and Belvedere. Idahoans should be very excited about the strides made by this company in the past two decades.

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