This might be a revelation to you, but it is possible to jump off the cliffs at Dierkes, even if you have a man bun. I can prove it with science and a recent video that was just shared on YouTube.

I want to be clear that I'm not hair-shaming here. If you've seen my picture on the website, you know that I have no room to talk. But, some people have stereotypes in their mind of what is possible if you choose a man bun as your thing. If you thought it would preclude you from jumping off the cliffs at Dierkes Lake, you can forget that now.

There's a pretty popular YouTube guy at Adrenaline Addiction who has over 330,000 subscribers. He recently spent some quality time in the Magic Valley and shot videos of him jumping off of stuff and flipping his hair (not necessarily in that order). He seems like a nice enough guy, especially considering the hair.

If you enjoy his jumping, you can follow him on Instagram. Plus, he's got a Patreon page for those that want to support him. He's even got his own t-shirts and phone cases. That's good, cause it's expensive to maintain a mane like this.

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