Bon Jovi will release their new album Forever on June 7. It will be the group's 16th studio effort and their first since 2020 was released four years ago.

Forever's lead single, "Legendary," can be heard below. The album's cover art and full track list are also available at the bottom of this story.

In an exclusive interview with UCR, frontman Jon Bon Jovi revealed that he had to overcome a number of issues, including serious vocal problems that notably plagued him on the band's 2022 tour, and which ultimately required surgery.

"The overarching sentiment of this album is that of joy. How did I get to joy? I had to work through a lot of dark misery," he explains. "I’m thinking about where to go musically and I run into a problem physically, where now I have to seek out a specialist in the field to do a vocal surgery that is not often done."

Bon Jovi's New Documentary Chronicles His Recent Vocal Struggles

Bon Jovi's attempts to reconnect with his voice is the focus of the upcoming documentary Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story. The four-part series, which debuts April 26 on Netflix, also addresses founding lead guitarist Richie Sambora's departure and continued estrangement from the band.

Forever finds Bon Jovi once again working alongside his two remaining founding bandmates: keyboardist David Bryan and drummer Tico Torres. The trio are joined by bassist Hugh McDonald and guitarist Phil X.

Bon Jovi, Forever Track List:
1. "Legendary"
2. "We Made It Look Easy"
3. "Living Proof"
4. "Waves"
5. "Seeds"
6. "Kiss The Bride"
7. "The People's House"
8. "Walls Of Jericho"
9. "I Wrote You A Song"
10. "Living In Paradise"
11. "My First Guitar"
12. "Hollow Man"

Watch Bon Jovi Perform 'Legendary'

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