A posthumous Jimmy Buffett album will be released on Nov. 3. Equal Strain on All Parts will include guest appearances by Paul McCartney, Emmylou Harris and others.

The LP was completed shortly before Buffett's death due to skin cancer at age 76 on Sept. 1 and will be released on his Mailboat Records label. It includes mostly originals, plus a cover of Bob Dylan's "Mozambique" featuring Harris, who sang on Dylan's original 1976 recording.

Equal Strain on All Parts, which is available for preorder in vinyl and CD formats, will be previewed with three advance songs: "Bubbles Up," "My Gummie Just Kicked In" and "Like My Dog." (Buffett had been previewing songs from the album on his radio program.)

"Bubbles Up" is available now and can be heard below. The album's track listing can also be found below.

Following Buffett's death last weekend, McCartney, who plays on "My Gummie Just Kicked In," wrote a tribute on social media.

Paul McCartney Says 'Bubbles Up' Features Jimmy Buffett's Best Vocal

"We had a real fun session and he played me some of his new songs. One, in particular, I loved was the song 'Bubbles Up.' And I told him that not only was the song great but the vocal was probably the best I've heard him sing ever," McCartney noted. "He turned a diving phrase that is used to train people underwater into a metaphor for life when you’re confused and don’t know where you are just follow the bubbles — they’ll take you up to the surface and straighten you out right away.

"So long, Jim. You are a very special man and friend and it was a great privilege to get to know you and love you. Bubbles up, my friend."

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Jimmy Buffett, 'Equal Strain on All Parts' Track Listing
1. "University of Bourbon Street (feat. Preservation Hall Jazz Band)"
2. "Bubbles Up"
3. "Audience of One"
4. "My Gummie Just Kicked In"
5. "Close Calls"
6. "Equal Strain On All Parts"
7. "Like My Dog"
8. "Ti Punch Cafe (feat. Angelique Kidjo)"
9. "Portugal or PEI (feat. Lennie Gallant, Will Kimbrough)"
10. "Nobody Works on Friday"
11. "Fish Porn"
12. "Johnny's Rhum"
13. "Columbus"
14. "Mozambique" (feat. Emmylou Harris) (Bob Dylan cover)

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