Phil X has revealed some details regarding Bon Jovi’s upcoming album.

“We just made a new record in Nashville. We were there for five weeks. I’m super excited about it,” X admitted during an appearance on the Kenny Aronoff Sessions podcast.

The guitarist, who joined Bon Jovi in 2011, went on to explain why creating the latest LP was different than anything else he’s done in the band.

“There was a couple of instances where we were all as a group collaborating. And I got flashbacks to watching an Eagles documentary and they were in the studio creating Hotel California,” X noted. “I got that vibe. And I got goose bumps.”

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More than a decade in, X understands his place in the band better than ever before. He was eager to collaborate with Jon Bon Jovi on the new tunes, but admitted he still had moments that felt too cool to be true.

“There were songs where I was like, ‘I think this bridge should start like this.’ And Jon goes, ‘Good idea, X.’ And then we’d go into it,” the guitarist recalled. “‘I’m going, ‘Good job, X?’ My arm hairs are standing up. ‘What the fuck just happened?’”

What Should Fans Expect From Bon Jovi’s New Album?

Details surrounding Bon Jovi’s new album – including a title and release date – are yet to be revealed. Still, X couldn’t help but hide his enthusiasm for the LP.

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“Jon’s really excited about the record. I think the whole band is super excited about this record,” the rocker declared. “I don’t think the guitars are loud enough on the last couple of Bon Jovi records. And I think if the guitars are in the right space [on this one], then I’m going to be really – I mean, I’m going to be proud of it regardless, but for other listeners, I want them to feel the guitars. Because it’s Bon Jovi, right? It’s a rock record.”

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